D. Chase Angier


As Artistic Director of Angier Performance Works, D. Chase Angier creates dance, interdisciplinary performance installations, site-specific performances, and walking performances pieces. These intuitively driven works are often created in collaboration with dynamic artists in the visual and performing arts, and have been exhibited internationally in Japan, Czech Republic, Germany, Mexico, United Kingdom; and nationally in art galleries, theaters, and visually inspiring sites. Some of these sites include Governor’s Island and art galleries in New York City; an abandoned bank; The Elks Club; storefronts; churches; in, on and around lakes; iconic architectural sites like The Kyoto Train Station and the Tiergarten in Berlin; and many public spaces in Prague and Wales. Angier lives and works both in Brooklyn, NY and in Alfred, NY where she is a tenured Professor at Alfred University, and Director of the Dance Program. Her latest work shown in The Fosdick Nelson Art Gallery, As The Air Moves back From You, involved 10,000 pounds of rice, 10 performers, multiple collaborators from diverse backgrounds, 14. 5 hours of performance, 90 hours of original sound design, 114 hour of exhibition, and won awards and grants. Angier lectures and teaches workshops, internationally and nationally, and is an elected member of the New York State DanceForce.  Chase received her MFA in choreography from The Ohio State University and her BA in dance from UCLA.

Class Descriptions

Modern Technique

This class will focus on dance technique in addition to the more complex requirements of being a performing artist. The class will begin with a gentle floor warm up that includes Bartenieff fundamentals, core work and cultivation of internal and spatial awareness, then build to longer traveling phrases. We will end by exploring methods of integrating contemporary dance with compositional practices. Contemporary dancers are not just asked to learn movement and perform what they are taught. They are
often a part of the choreographic process. We will explore how to learn the specifics of a dance combination, and then be able to immediately integrate ones own kinesthetic and artistic knowledge into the practice. This class will investigate the compositional practice of learning, integrating, and creating.


This class will include a variety of interdisciplinary choreographic methods sourced from dance, theater, and the visual arts to create a new work. Performers will be asked to collaborate with the choreographer to generate the conceptually-inspired movement. Through generation of phrase work, manipulation of movement, and working with spatial and conceptual structures, the students will play, adapt, and experience a variety of dance making methods.

Shifting Landscapes: Creating Site Specific Dance

D. Chase Angier, a site-specific choreographer/director, will guide teachers and choreographers through embodied experiences exploring site and creativity. The workshop explores practical and theoretical aspects of creating site-inspired performance. Participants will be guided in the creation of brief studies using site as an inspiration and the seminar will conclude with a discussion of specific ways site-specific work might be integrated into a curriculum, along with suggestions gleaned from Angier’s own years of experience.