Kristin O’Neal


Kristin O’Neal is delighted to return to Florida to participate in one of her most favorite events, the Young Dancers’ Workshop hosted by the Florida Dance Association. Since moving to Atlanta in 2014, Kristin has taught modern technique and contact improvisation at Emory University, Georgia Perimeter College, CORE Performance Company, University of South Florida as well as local ATL dance companies and high schools. Kristin’s early performing career with Miami Dance greats, Gerri Houlihan and Dale Andree, mottled with various somatic practices and contact improvisation has greatly informed her teaching philosophy and approach to choreography. Kristin has created numerous new works since moving to the ATL; most notably, a new duet with dance and life partner, Greg Catellier that was commissioned by CORE Performance Company and shown in various sites in Atlanta as well as the Bates Dance Festival.

Kristin has served on the staff at the Bates Dance Festival (Lewiston, ME) since 2007 where she also takes class with an international community of dancers, develops new works and shares choreography through informal showings and critical feedback sessions. As Outreach Coordinator of the National Water Dance, Kristin assists the director, Dale Andree, in activating artists to engage their communities in a dance & movement choir that spreads a water ethic across the nation: April 14, 2018,

Prior to her arrival to Atlanta, Kristin served on the dance faculty at the University of Florida (2008-14) where she specialized in teaching modern & ballet dance techniques as well as contact improvisation. Kristin received her MFA in Dance from Hollins University/ADF and has enjoyed performing with Atlanta-based Catellier Dance Projects since 2012.

Class Description

Contact Improvisation (CI), founded by Steve Paxton in the earlys 70s, is an improvisational duet form of dance that explores partnering on many levels including weight-sharing, counter balancing, momentum and stillness.  In this class, we will learn how to prepare our bodies to become their most alert, stable and spontaneous. We will dedicate the first 30 minutes to arriving into our bodies; warming up through a cued series of stretching and strengthening that should invite clarity and awareness while opening the possibilities of supporting and being supported by a partner.  In and out of duet form, we will experience moving through space from our most calm place to our most playful.  All levels of movement experience from none to some can come experience the joy of improvising through contact!