Florida Dance Festival

For 36 years the Florida Dance Festival (FDF) has been one of the major annual dance events in the southeastern U.S. Our distinguished program offers workshops, master classes and an outstanding performance series featuring Florida, national and international guest artists.


June 17 - 25, 2016

Hosted by:

University of South Florida School of Theatre and Dance

TAR 230, 4202 East Fowler Ave,
Tampa, FL 33620


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Click on the links below for more information on the 2016 Florida Dance Festival Faculty.

Jennifer Archibald
Hip Hop Technique, Hip Hop Repertory

D. Chase Angier
Modern 4, Modern Repertory,
Shifting Landscapes:Creating Site Specific Dance

Ablena  Arnaudova 

AXIS Dance Company
Fundamentals of Physically Integrated Dance

Gregory Catellier 
Improvisation, Modern Repertory,
Contact Improvisation

Maria  Konrad 
Modern Jazz, Jazz Repertory

Jon Olstad 
Modern 5, Modern Repertory

Kristen  O'Neal
Modern 3, Modern Repertory,
Contact Improvisation

Jennifer Archibald | 2016 FDF Faculty

FDF 2016 Faculty | Jennifer Archibald


The Florida Dance Festival’s schedule of daily classes is designed for serious students and professionals seeking a rich, satisfying dance experience. Classes are limited in size to provide more individualized instruction and maintain a quality learning experience. While we make every effort to give you your first choice, classes are filled on a first come, first served basis in the order we receive registration forms. Therefore, we encourage you to register promptly to assure placement in your first choice classes.

Friday, June 17: Registration & Orientation
Saturday, June 18 - Friday, June 24: Daily Classes
Saturday, June 25:  Festival Finale

All participants in Hip Hop repertory must take hip hop technique. Students enrolling in Level 3 technique classes must have at least 2-3 years of consistent training in the discipline; for Level 4 at least 3-4 years recommended age of 15; and for Level 5 (a minimum age of 17) 4 or more years of advanced training is required with the ability to dance at a highly advanced level. We accept registration until classes are full.

Minimum age is 11 years old and must have had at least 2 full years of modern dance training to enroll in the Florida Dance Festival. 

Tuition & Fees

Tuition (Includes 2 Performance Tickets and All Performance Fees):

- 4 Classes $530
- 3 Classes $465
- 2 Classes $385
- 1 Classes $270

FDA Member Rate Tuition (Includes 2 Performance Tickets and All Performance Fees):

- 4 Classes $465
- 3 Classes $400
- 2 Classes $320
- 1 Classes $205

Room & Board:

- Meals, Chaperone, & Double Room (18 Years and Under) $674
- Double Room (18 Years and Over) $296
- Single Room (18 Years and Over) $355

Special Group Rate (4+ Students):

- Meals & Double Room (18 Years and Under) $639 Per Student
- Double Room (18 Years and Over) $265 Per Student

All Fees will Require an Additional $40 Registration Fee.



Teacher Training | AXIS Dance Company

The Florida Dance Festival is hosting a 2-Day Intensive for teachers guided by AXIS Dance Company. The AXIS Dance Company's Teacher Training is designed for teachers of dance and experienced artists interested in developing their teaching skills in leading physically integrated dance. The training draws upon AXIS Dance Company's creative practice, expertise and methodology in teaching physically integrated dance.


Friday, June 24: Registration & AXIS Dance Company Concert
Saturday, June 25:   10: 00 - 5:00 PM
Sunday, June 26: 10:00 - 5:00 PM


FDA Members: $200

*One (1) ticket, to the AXIS Dance Company Concert, is included in the tuition fees. All Fees will require an additional $40 registration fee. Registration fee will be waived if the participant is registered for FDF 2016. 

AXIS Dance Company school assembly 2014.
Photo by AXIS staff. Dancers Sebastian Grubb and Joel Brown

10 areas that will be explored during the AXIS Dance Company Teacher Training.

1. Open door policy - Removing any physical and emotional barriers that prevent people with disabilities from attending class
2. Universal language and communication
3. Exploring a variety of dance techniques, disciplines and approaches to teaching dance
4. Stripping away the myths of integrated dance for a realistic approach to teaching inclusively
5. To challenge and be challenged - a mutual dialogue of respect between teacher student
6. Body specificity - Working with different bodies to ensure all are challenged and learning
7. Develop useful tools and skills to put into practice
8. Ensuring best practice in physically integrated dance
9. Build teachers confidence and set up a teacher’s network for future support
10. A time for discussion and feedback

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Jon Ole Olstad
Saturday, June 21

AXIS Dance Company
Friday, June 27

Festival Finale
Saturday June 28


All performances will take place at The University of South Florida Theatre 2.
Located at 4202 E Fowler Ave, TAR 230, Tampa FL 33620

FDF 2016 Faculty | Jon Olstad
Photo: Luisa María Arias

Internships and Dorm Counselors


Application Due on April 15th.

The Florida Dance Festival offers internship(s) in Administration, Marketing, Technical Theater, and Theater House. Depending upon the position, interns will award a partial or full scholarship to the Florida Dance Festival 2016.

As a Florida Dance Festival Intern, you will:

- Receive on-the-job training and gain valuable experience that will be applicable to various aspects of your career.
- Free Entry to Festival Events and Performances
- Receive Free Classes*
- Be a member of the Florida Dance Festival Administrative Team

*Florida Dance Festival will award Partial or Full Work-Study Scholarships depending upon the position.


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Dorm Counselors:

Application Due on April 15th. 

The Florida Dance Festival offers two (2) dorm counselors positions for the Florida Dance Festival 2016. (1 Male and 1 Female) Mature students with related experience may apply to be dorm counselors. Dorm Counselor scholarships cover full tuition, housing, meal costs, and admission to all performances. (Counselors are responsible for their own transportation.) Minimum 21 Years of Age.


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Questions? Please email the Florida Dance Association at floridadanceinfo@gmail.com.