Kristin O’Neal


Kristin O’Neal has taught at Emory University, CORE Performance Company, Georgia Perimeter College and University of South Florida alongside creating several choreographic works since moving to Atlanta in 2014. Kristin’s early work with Gerri Houlihan and Improviser, Dale Andree, mottled with various somatic practices and contact improvisation has greatly informed her teaching philosophy and approach to choreography. Kristin has been on the Bates Dance Festival staff since 2007 and currently assists Dale Andree in the operations of the National Water Dance—a Movement Choir that activates artists and their communities to spread a water ethic across the nation: April 16, 2016, Kristin served on the dance faculty at the University of Florida (2008-14) and received her MFA from Hollins University/ADF.   She creates solos inspired by her great aunts and enjoys creating dances and dance films with Greg Catellier of Atlanta-based Catellier Dance Projects.

Class Descriptions

Modern Technique/”The Zone”

Focusing on strength, stability and agility, we will warm-up with yoga influences and innovative, juicy floor work while incorporating an intentional eye practice and a heightened awareness of the group. Musicality and breath support play an integral role towards discovering an ease and joy of movement as we gradually progress into expansive, full-bodied, spatial discoveries of falling on and off our legs.

Classes taught in collaboration with Greg Catellier

Modern Repertory

Kristin O’Neal and Greg Catellier believe in the power of collaboration when creating new choreography. Phrase work for the piece will come from low flying momentum based upside down and backwards style that O’Neal and Catellier utilize. The movers in the studio will develop the concepts and context for the work. This “once and done” choreography will be unique because of the individual personalities and values of everyone in the room. Let’s soak in and share the wonderfulness of creating work together while uncovering and ripening our unique, individual voice inside a piece of modern choreography.


Contact Improvisation

An improvisational duet form of dance that explores partnering on many levels including weight-sharing, counter balancing, momentum and stillness.  In this class, Kristin O’Neal and Greg Catellier will guide the group through sensations of arriving into our bodies: warming up through a cued series of stretching and strengthening that should invite clarity and awareness while opening the possibilities of support and being supported by a partner.  In and out of duet form, we will experience moving through space from our most calm place to our most playful.  All levels of movement experience from none to some can come experience the joy of improvising through contact!