Maria Konrad


MARIA A. KONRAD, graduated from the Dreyfoos High School of the Arts in West Palm Beach and then earned her BFA in Performing Arts at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As a teacher in Philadelphia, Mrs. Konrad created the early-dance-education curriculum for the school of the Koresh Dance Company, which has been featured in Dance Magazine. Ms. Konrad’s choreography has been presented nationally in such venues such as the Spoleto Festival in South Carolina, The School of Colorado Ballet, The Harid Conservatory, Florida Dance Festival, Miami Dade Cultural Center, Florida Atlantic University, The Kravis Center, Next Generation Ballet and has collaborated with artistic organizations such as Palm Beach Symphony and Palm Beach Pops. Her work has been picked up by choreographic workshops in NYC such as The STEPS Beyond Foundation at STEPS on Broadway and Uptown Rising Series at The Bridge. Her piece “Portraits” was chosen to perform in the 2018 Come Together Festival hosted by Koresh Dance Company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

She has been recognized by organization’s such as Young Arts and Youth America Grand Prix for “Outstanding Choreography” (2015, 2017). She has been a guest teacher for institutions such as The Colorado Ballet School, University of the Arts, Florida’s Young Dancers Workshop, The Art of Classical Ballet (dir. Magaly Suarez), Next Generation Ballet, St. Paul’s School, Florida Dance Festival and Youth America Grand Prix. She has worked at both The Harid Conservatory and A.W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts. She served on the 2018 faculty at The International Ballet Competition in Jackson, Mississippi. She is excited to join the YAGP organization this season as a judge and Master Teacher. She is currently resident choreographer with The Next Generation Ballet (Dir. Philip Neal) and the director of the contemporary program at Florida School for Dance Education.

Class Description

Modern Jazz Technique:

Jazz Dance Definition: The dance of the human spirit. 

Jazz Dance is considered to be America’s creation and contribution to the dance world. It is ever evolving as is the human spirit. In this class, there will be an overview provided of the history of jazz dance, the fundamentals of the technique, the regional differences and the evolution of jazz dance throughout the decades. This class will explore the movement and vocabulary of Jack Cole, Concert Jazz Dance, Theater Dance, Commercial Jazz work all the way through the evolution to Contemporary Dance of today. Dancers will trace the influences of the predecessors and explore the differences in jazz dance from then to now. We will discuss the difference in the contemporary styles of commercial dance with the influence of pop culture and hip hop as well as the influence of modern and ballet in contemporary concert dance. 


Modern Jazz Repertoire: 

Dancers will create a new work using isolations, physicality, style, progressions, and movement of traditional jazz dance vocabulary infused with contemporary movement styles and context of today. Ms. Konrad’s work mixes popular music with instrumental choices. Dancers will learn phrase work and use choreographic tools to create a full “Jazz Ballet” exemplifying jazz vocabulary in conjunction with today’s movement styles. She pushes to preserve the roots of jazz while pushing it to evolve. Her for exemplifies this with a fast-paced, detailed and collaborative and FUN work environment.