The Florida Dance Association provides annual membership for both individuals and organizations within the national and international dance community.


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By joining the Florida Dance Association you and/or your organization will receive benefits that include the following:

  1. Networking Opportunities
  2. Discounts to the Florida Dance Association's Programming (Florida Dance Festival, Young Dancers Workshop, Teacher Trainings, etc.)
  3. Free Promotion in the FDA Quarterly Online Newsletter
  4. Discounts on Printed Advertisement in Programs and Brochures

Annual Membership Rate:

Individual Membership - $35.00

Individual Student Membership - $25.00  (Valid Student I.D Required and a Photo Copy Must be Sent with Payment)

Educational Institution - $100.00

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FDA Membership Testimony

Name: Madison McGrew
Current Occupation: Graduate Student at the Trinity Laban School
"Every year we participated in FDA's On Tour event in Gainesville, Florida."
1. In one sentence how would you describe your experience with the Florida Dance Association?
To awkwardly yet appropriately quote William Shakespeare: "And though [it] be but little, [it] is fierce!"
2. How has the Florida Dance Association served your artistic and/or professional development? 
I first attended Florida Dance Association's Florida Dance Festival in 2010. I was 14. I am now 22, but my experience then remains just as vivid as my experience now. I met dance artists who became my mentors and dancers who became my lifelong friends. Without the Florida Dance Association and its dedication to opening the doors and minds of young dancers, I would not have met Jennifer Archibald. Had I not have met Jennifer Archibald, I would not have gotten accepted into her intensive. Had I not have been accepted into her intensive, I would not have visited the Harkness Center for Dance Injuries, learned about a degree in dance science, nor met alumna of the degree program I am currently pursuing. The Florida Dance Association invited me into a world that, while always remarked as being small, is wildly generous and inspiring.
3. If you could say one thing to someone that is interested in joining the Association what would it be? 
"Just Do It." Okay maybe a quote from Nike is not as eloquent as a quote from Shakespeare, but I would say: if you have a body that moves without inhibition and the capacity to see possibility nestled in between shorelines and palm trees, join the Florida Dance Association.

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