Mohamed DaCosta


MOHAMED DACOSTA, from Boké, Guinea, is a Senior Lecturer in African Performing Arts in the School of Theatre and Dance and the Center for African Studies, and affiliate faculty in the Center for World Arts at the University of Florida.

One of a select number of practice-based cultural authorities on the traditional performing arts of Africa living in the United States, Mr. DaCosta speaks English, French, Fulani, Wolof, Mandinko, and Susu. Mr. DaCosta served as choreographer for the African Ballet of Gambia and performed with the company from 1980-85. In 1996, he performed across Europe as featured drummer with Culture Movement, commissioned by the U.S. Department of Defense.

The internationally renowned Chuck Davis African American Dance Ensemble has also featured Mr. DaCosta in performance. As three-time University of Florida Center for World Arts artist-in-residence, Mr. DaCosta has used his exceptional command of West African performance traditions and engaging teaching persona to develop appreciation of West African culture at the University of Florida, New World School of the Arts, Santa Fe Community College, and in the greater communities of Florida and North Carolina.

Mr. DaCosta's abiding warmth, vitality and artistry are an inspiration to students, fellow artists, community members and audiences of all backgrounds.



Class Descriptions

West African Drum, Dance, & Song

The class works through artistic process, practice, performance, and related activities, using dance, theatre, and music rooted in West African tradition and contemporary West African aesthetics. The focus of the class will be the traditional dance and music.

West African Drum, Dance, & Song in Performance (Repertory)

The course is an immersion into performance as a way of knowing, understanding, and experiencing culture, emphasizing cultural traditions, community outreach and diversity.