Sean Green


Sean Green began dancing at the age of 13. Before turning 20, he had appeared on MTV in New York City as an award winning competitive dancer, claiming first place and the grand prize for MTV’s live Cinaburst contest. Shortly thereafter and closer to his hometown, Sean gained invaluable experience helping set the choreography for Super Bowl XXIX in Miami, Florida. Sean was a member and choreographer for the winning Strikers All-Stars on Showtime at Apollo Theatre in New York City. As instructor, Sean again propelled the group to stardom when they made it into the final three crews in Season 2 of America’s Best Dance Crew. In 2004 Sean had a vision to create his own dance studio. For the past 13 years he has been realizing that dream as founder, owner and operator of Sean’s Dance Factory in West Palm Beach, Florida. Sean has become a pivotal role model, saturating his community with rich Hip Hop culture. Sean’s unique sense of musicality and teaching style allows dancers to dissect rhythms, manipulate beats and groove no matter the selection of music. He daily fosters a positive, nurturing environment for all dancers to develop self-confidence, enhance their skills, and grow into their own unique style of dance. Sean is currently one of the choreographers for the Miami Heat Dancers. Sean has been teaching workshops throughout the world, traveling to places like Missouri, New York, Canada, Thailand and recently just returned from teaching and sharing his knowledge of dance in France and Germany.

Class Description

Commercial Hip Hop