Summer Is For Dance


Summer Training

Why You Should Consider It


Photo by ketan rajput on Unsplash

The summer is time is the place for beaches, vacations, and warm afternoons discovering new parts of the world with friends. But, that doesn’t mean dance has to be sent to the back burner until August. Here are 3 things to consider this summer about why taking a summer dance intensive is beneficial to you. 

Free From School Commitment                         
The opportunity to get away from school work is great to re-focus and re-energize the mind. The summer is a great time for dancers to take summer intensive programs and place 100% of their focus into improving their technique, strength, and artistry through working with different people.
Build on Improvement
For dancers, especially young and collegiate dancers, it is important to build upon the accomplishments achieved during the academic year are not reversed. When students take the summer off or take a class here and there, dancers run the risk of losing some technical proficiency, physical flexibility and strength, as well as missing out on the opportunity to grow in their craft and love of performing arts. 
Learn From New Voices
Instructors at schools and academic programs do a wonderful job of developing and maximizing the talents of students. However, being exposed to new minds lets the student learn from different teaching styles, backgrounds and overall develops their versatility. Summer Intensives also provides opportunities to network and begin taking the next steps for their career. 

Jennifer Archibald, Hip Hop Repertory
Florida Dance Festival 2018

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